About this website’s server

About this website’s server
October 21, 2020 admin_studio

This website is hosted by maÿk within a UK data centre located just outside Nottingham.

Security : The Data Centre benefits from:

  • Manned security onsite on a 24/7 basis.
  • Perimeter fencing and CCTV coverage on all internal and external entry and exit points as well as between the rack aisles.
  • An anti-tailgating pod
  • Strict Photo ID swipe card system for access to the building.
  • 24 hour Manned Security, CCTV & Intruder Alarms
  • Dual zone fire detection & suppression system
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Manned Security & Monitoring
  • Smart Card access policies
  • Internal and External CCTV systems
  • Security breach alarms

Power : In the event of a mains power failure, the resilient power backup system delivered by N+1 generator backup, 6 x UPS ‘A’ feed and 6x UPS ‘B’ feeds (N+N) will seamlessly take over to ensure there is a consistent source of power to the Data Centre. With 3.5MVA of power, this equates to typically 4kw per rack with optional upgrades to 8kw and private racks available

Connectivity: Server is carrier neutral and the Data Centre benefits from being part of a core MPLS Network with resilient connections to Telehouse, Global Switch and Telecity. Data Centre has the ability to offer site-to-site connectivity to link up multiple business sites in the Nottingham Data Centre, along with dedicated Internet connections. From here a PSTN breakout enables the provision of SIP Trunking solution SIPlink.

Environment: The Data Centre is fully monitored and implements 3 pairs of 330KW N=1 Airedale water cooled chillers with N+N air handlers, reducing the energy consuption and carbon emmisions of the air conditioning units. With the latest fire protection provided by a FM200 suppression VESDA system, we are alerted at the earliest possible sign of fire by continually drawing air into a pipe attached to a detector unit on the wall.

All traffic (transferral of files) between this website and your browser is encrypted and delivered over HTTPS.